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coming in 2019

Build bravely is A new podcast that shares the stories of people who have taken audacious risks to follow their passions and turned their dreams into realities.

Meet The Hosts

Many of us have ideas, dreams and ambitions. But few of us take the steps to make those a reality. Whether the idea is to start a blog or take the steps to launch a new company, what holds some of us back from taking the steps towards the passions we have? Launching a towards a new idea can be overwhelming. Many of us become paralyzed with indecision due to the plethora of opinions, overwhelming amount of resources, lack of experience and sometimes simple the lack of confidence to take a risk on ourselves.

That’s why we started Build Bravely. A new podcast where we encourage dialogue about taking risks and launching things.

In each episode, Co-Founders of Balernum, a creative strategy agency in Knoxville, TN, Austin Church and Chris Conley will dig deep into the stories of individuals and teams that have taken audacious risks and gambled on themselves to make their passions come alive. You’ll learn how to overcome hurdles and mental blockers. And discover find some of the patterns that take a person from dream to builder.


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We try to post a new episode every month!

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